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It’s all about the miniatures

I am an avid model car collector from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. My main focus is on the 1:18th scale, mostly on Mercedes-Benz models and brands belonging to the parent company (Maybach, Smart) or made in collaboration with it. In a few words: everything that means MB. Of course, like in most collections, you will find some “intruders”, but who doesn't like classic cars?

Besides my first hobby, I also enjoy photography a lot, and decided to dedicate my spare time to combining the two. I don’t like the ordinary, so with each set of photos, or each new model I receive, I try to make something new, another approach or a further step for my technique and style. As you might have seen, I enjoy taking photos of my models outdoors and also use my studio equipment to make different creations, from basic scenes to complex see-through images or exploded views.

If you have enjoyed your time spent on the website, keep close because I will update it periodically with my new work. Also, feel free to join me by choosing your preferred social platform from the links area.

And last but not least, if you like my work and would like to own a print, follow the links below.

Thank you for your time, and come back soon!

Patriciu D.

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